Ata Energy Electricity Generation Inc. has submitted the highest bid for EPİAŞ share certificates at the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

Istanbul Stock Exchange Inc., which owned the Energy Market Management Inc. (EPİAŞ) on 11.09.2015 as for the sale of C shares (today) held the auction with the highest bid 2,050,502 pieces of our subsidiary in exchange for a total of 2,911,713 TL, 1.42 TL per price per share which is offered by Ata Electricity. After completion of necessary procedures for the share transfer, Ata Electricity will increase previously owned 412 408 pieces of shares to 2.462.910 with the addition of 2.050.502 shares. As a result Ata Electricity will have 4% of EPAİŞ, whose capital is 61.572.770 TL