Verusa Holding partnered with Aldem Çelik

Aldem Çelik, located at Istabul Kartal region and and exporting 70% of its products and projects was established at 1984. Aldem manufatures steel products for steel, energy, nuclear, machinery, cleaning, recycling, ventilation, architecture and design, automotive, shipbuilding, chemical industries. Also produce steel components for Marmaray project. Mustafa Ünal, chairman of the Verusa Holding, stated that they are happy with the investment and added that: ”Aldem Çelik is the second industrial investment after Acıselsan. We are going on investing in industrial sectors in Turkey. We, Verusa Holding, believe in investing in Aldem Çelik. We realized successful investment since last 3 years. We continue investing in medium and large scale companies providing them with equity. We focused in the following sectors: energy, telecommunication, logistics, chemical, manufacturing and IT” “Verusa Holding participates in the management of the invested companies helping them for institutionalization and reorganization”, said Mustafa Ünal and added that each year they visit more that 200 companies at site and try to know about them and then carefully decide about investing. With the help of this attentive process Verusa invested in Ata elektrik, Innoted Teknoloji, Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Partnership, Acıselsan and Anel Telekom.