Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust, a 100% subsidiary of Verusa holding, is applied to the Capital Markets Board and Istanbul Stock Exchange for public offering.

Verusa Holding’ s subsidiary (100%) Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Partnership decided in board of directors meeting, dated 9.June.2015, numbered 2015/16, that the existing capital amount 37.950.000 TL will be increased to 52.000.000 TL by cash addition. It is also decided hat the IPO of the Increased 14.05 million pieces of 1 TL par value representing the capital group B bearer shares, restricting the rights to buy new shares of the existing shareholders and, the signing of a contract with an authorized intermediaries; Necessary applictions will be made to CMB and the Istanbul Stock Exchange Inc. Also, Verusa Holding Inc. decided that (board meeting dated 9.June.2015 and numbered 2015/12) total capital owned 33,883,928 units of B Group bearer shares of 1 TL par value of shares of Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. owned by Verusa, a total nominal value of 7.95 million TL will be offered by IPO.