Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc.

Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. is a %72,08 owned subsidiary of Verusa Holding. It is established according to the Capital Market Board’ Communiqué Serial on " Principles Regarding Venture Capital Investment Trust and certified at June 12, 2012. 
Registered capital is 75.000.000 TL of which 52.000.000 TL is issued capital.
Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. has investments in Acıselsan, Kafein, Pamukova Electric, Gersan and Profreight.

Ata Wholesale Electric Power Inc.


Ata holds a naitonwide licence for wholesale in electrical energy offering disocunted prices to subscribers. Since 2008, sales figures and subscribers have consistenlty increased and continues to grow on a sustainable basis.

Aldem Steel Industry and Trade Inc.


Founded in 1984, Aldem Inc. has 11,000 square meters of indoor and 7,000 square meters of outdoor operating space with 180 employees. It provides services to leading companies in Turkey. Since 2000, has opened to overseas markets, working within the energy, nuclear, machine, cleaning, ventilation, recycling, architecture and design, automotive, shipbuilding, industrial chemicals sectors.

Innoted Technology Inc.

Innoted Technology was established to design and produce new generation mobile cash registers with EFT and POS capabilities. Innoted’ s POS cash register which supports all credit cards in Turkey can also support credit top-ups, paying bills, use of food cards and many other institutional applications. The firm's centre located in the "Technology Development" zone of TUBITAK Marmara Teknokent.

Acıselsan Acıpayam Cellulose Industry and Trade Inc.

Acıselsan was Established at Denizli, Acıpayam by the people of the region on April 12, 1973. It sits on 210 848 m2 of land, housed in 8843 m2 building. It is a public company engaged in the production of cellulose products. Its shares are traded on BIST Main Market. In 2012 Acıselsan began to increase its yearly capacity from 4,200 to 7,200 tons through machine and equipment investments. There are only 5 companies that produce CMC (carboxymethyl cellulose) in Turkey which is the main product of Acıselsan.

Enda Energy Holding

Verusa Holding owns 4,15% of the shares of Enda Enerji Holding Inc. which is an important player in Turkey considering electricity generation from renewable resources.
Also, Pamukova Elektrik Üretim A.Ş. owns 19,50% of the shares of Enda.

Verusa Holding owns %49 of Pamukova. The only other shareholder of Pamukova is Verusaturk Capital Investment Trust Inc. Where Verusaturk's main shareholder is Verusa Holding by 78,02%

Enda, with paid in capital equal to 234.000.000 TL, generated electricity at its 8 facilities adding up to 273 MW installed capacity. Among this 8 power plants 5 are generating with hydro power, 1 with geothermal power and 2 operated with natural gas.
Enda Enerji Holding continues investing at the same pace. The construction of 5 different wind power based electricity generation plant is going on with expected completion date end of May 2016 and with generation capacity of 73 MW. The total investment for wind power is about 100.000.000 USD.
In addition to that, anouther hydro power plant with 24 MW capacity is among the investement plans of Enda. With the termination of these investment the total installed eletricity power generation capacity of Enda will reach 370 MW



Standard Energy Production Inc.

Standard Energy, founded in 2014, operates in the energy and mining sector. 100% of the company is owned by Verusa Holding A.Ş. The capital of the company is TL 2,500,000.



Kafein Software Services Inc.


Kafein, an affiliate of Verusaturk, was established in 2005 by senior professionals from the telecommunications and finance sector. It provides turnkey project services, project support, outsourcing services, service management, operations management and support, software design and development.

Pamukova Electricity Generation Inc.


Pamukova Electricity Generation Inc, founded in 2015 with paid in capital 70,0000,000 TL, operates in energy industry. Verusa Holding owns 49% of Pamukova where the other shareholder is Verusaturk Venture Capital Investment Trust Inc. with 51% share.

Pamukova invested 19,50% in Enda Enerji Holding Inc which is an important player in Turkey considering electricity generation from renewable resources.

At the same time, Pamukova owns 94,44% of İklimya Electricity Generation Inc. İklimya has a hydro power electricity generation facility at Erzurum.